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Thomas G. McFaul Advertising Music

Track Title Time Size Comments/Links
Jingle University Alma Mater 1:29 1.44 MB From The Laughing Bank, a musical review/satire of the jingle business. Presented as a benefit for "World Hunger Year," founded by Harry Chapin.
Ivory Baby 0:47 0.76 MB Ivory Soap
Dr. John, male vocal
Dun and Bradstreet 0:33 0.54 MB Dun and Bradstreet
Pepsi Bottles 1:01 0.98 MB Pepsi Cola
You'll Love the Stuff 1:03 1.02 MB Pizza Hut
Texaco 1:02 1.00 MB Texaco
Dupont Lycra 0:32 0.53 MB Dupont
GE Roma 1:34 1.51 MB General Electric
Meow Mix Singing Cat 0:30 0.33 MB How the Pussy Learned to Sing


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